My Great Start Housing Case Study

My Great Start Housing Case Study

15th June 2023

Our services play a crucial role in supporting clients like the one mentioned in this case. By providing comprehensive guidance, personalized support, and practical solutions, we empower individuals to overcome obstacles and improve their quality of life. Our commitment to understanding their unique circumstances and connecting them with relevant resources ensures that our clients receive the help they need to achieve stability and a brighter future.

The client's specific circumstances were taken into account throughout the process. Being a single male living on his own with no dependents, the client faced unique challenges in finding suitable accommodation and managing his finances effectively. We understood his situation and provided tailored support accordingly.

One of the significant achievements was conducting a Quick Benefit check (QBC) for the client. Through this assessment, we determined that the client was eligible for Universal Credit (UC). However, we discovered a discrepancy in the amount he was receiving, as he was quoting the UC award from the previous year. We highlighted this issue and informed the client about the proper UC amount he should be receiving, which helped him address the shortfall in his finances.

Moreover, we assisted the client in applying for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP). We explained the purpose and process of DHPs, which are designed to provide further financial assistance to individuals who require support in meeting their housing costs. Since the client's housing element did not cover the full rent, we submitted an online application on his behalf, ensuring he had a chance to receive the necessary funds to cover the shortfall. This proactive approach demonstrated our commitment to helping clients navigate complex bureaucratic procedures and access the support they need.

Additionally, we discussed Council Tax Reduction (CTR) and Single Person Discount (SPD) with the client. Although he had already applied for these benefits, we ensured that he understood the options available and confirmed that no further assistance was required in this regard.

Recognizing the client's need to settle into his new accommodation, he was missing essential items such as a fridge freezer, washing machine, and cooker. We explored applying for the Scottish Welfare Fund (SWF). Acting as a third party, we completed the application on his behalf, explaining the eligibility criteria and the process involved. By doing so, we ensured that the client had the opportunity to obtain the necessary household items to make his new accommodation livable and comfortable.

Throughout our interaction, we made it clear to the client that our services extended beyond the immediate challenges he was facing. We emphasized the availability of additional advice and support from My Great Start, should he require it in the future. Although the client did not express an immediate need for further assistance, he acknowledged the value of our services and thanked us for our help